3 Things About Winter Tires That Gunlock Drivers Should Know

If you’ve got winter tires on your vehicle or you’re thinking about investing in a set, you’re probably already sold on the benefits. Being aware of some common concerns to be aware of will help you be a more informed driver and better prepared to utilize all the advantages they offer in all winter weather conditions.

Your Car May Still Slide On Icy Roads

The tread styles of these seasonal tires are great at moving through snow and slush. However, solid ice doesn’t offer the treads as much to “stick” to, and you may experience less traction than you expect on icy roads. 

Unexpected Warm Spells May Affect Tire Performance

The formulation of winter tires ensures their reliable performance at low temperatures, so an unexpected warm spell of several days during cold weather months can affect your car’s traction and braking.

Your Tires May Need Air More Frequently

Cold weather influences tire pressure, as does the natural tendency of tires to lose air. You’re more likely to see tire pressure sensor alerts regularly in winter. It’s always worth checking and monitoring the tire pressure for safe driving after you see the alert.

Do You Have Questions About Your Winter Tires Near Gunlock?

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