Could You Use Snow Tires on Your Vehicle? Here’s How to Decide in Leeds


If you do any kind of winter driving, you may benefit from having snow tires installed on your vehicle even if you don’t live where there’s heavy snowfall. Learn more about how these kinds of tires can improve your driving safety so you can make an informed decision about buying a set.

You Want to Maximize Your Car’s Traction

Tires designed for use in wintry weather have specialized treads and a different rubber composition than all-season tires. They do a better job of sticking to the road and maintaining traction in low temperatures so your vehicle may feel more stable on slick roads. 

You Want to Drive More Confidently

The treads on snow tires are designed to be better at pushing through water, from rain to slush and snow. You’re likely to see improved brake performance because of this lower likelihood of skidding, which allows you to feel more confident behind the wheel.

You Want a Comfortable Ride

The softer, more flexible rubber of tires made for snowy winter driving gives you a greater level of comfort while on the road. Other kinds of tire rubber get more brittle the colder it gets, and that can affect your satisfaction and comfort as a driver or passenger.

Looking for a Reliable Source of Snow Tires for Leeds Drivers?

BT Pearson Tires & Service centers in St. George, Santa Clara and Richfield offer quality car care focused on automotive performance and safety. Ours is a trusted name in Utah tire service and auto repair, and we’ve built that reputation through hard work and integrity. We do our own wheel alignment, and we’re also your suspension experts. As NAPA AutoCare Center with a nationwide 2-year/24,000-mile warranty program, we have only the highest standards for our service and repair work. Contact us today for expert assistance with snow tires to keep your ride comfortable and safe for yourself and your passengers.

Professionally Installed Snow Tires Deliver the Performance & Driveability You Need for Wintry Weather in Leeds

Three locations serving the St. George & Richfield, Utah regions including Santa Clara, Washington, Ivins, Leeds & Gunlock, and Elsinore, Monroe, Joseph, Sigurd, Annabella & Glenwood

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