Why Do Washington Drivers Need a New Set of Tires with a Lift Kit?


If you’re ready to get a lift kit installed on your vehicle, you may have heard that you should also get new tires at the same time. It can be hard to evaluate advice from others, so here are all the details you need about installing a new set of tires with a lift kit, and why it’s such a good idea.

Your Vehicle’s Handling Changes

Because of the way the lift kit changes the height and weight distribution of your vehicle, especially when making turns, you’ll need new tires to ensure enough traction and control.

Your Original Tires Won’t Fit

Lifting your vehicle generally requires that you install new spacers, shocks and struts, and coil springs. After these additions, your car or truck’s original tires may no longer fit and need to be replaced.

Your Driving Expectations Change

With a lifted vehicle, you’re more prepared to go off-roading. But your tires may not be. Your mechanic can help you match the right tires to your lift kit, vehicle, and off-roading expectations to ensure a satisfying ride.

Ready to Install a Lift Kit & New Set of Tires Near Washington?

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Get the Best in Handling & Reliability With a New Set of Tires for Washington Drivers

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