3 Times That Santa Clara Drivers Need a Suspension Check


Your car’s suspension system is designed to be a real workhorse and last for nearly a decade or up to 100,000 miles. But there are times when you’ll want a mechanic to do a suspension check, including an assessment of the shocks, struts, tie rods, ball joints and associated parts.

Along With a Lift Kit Installation

When you raise your vehicle with a lift kit, it changes the dynamic of how the car shifts weight on turns as well as when accelerating and braking. To avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your car and to ensure your vehicle is still safe to drive after being lifted, ask your mechanic whether the suspension needs adjustments, too.

After a Collision

Even the smallest fender bender could affect your car’s suspension. If, after an accident, you notice changes when braking or steering, or the car seems bouncy or tilted to one corner, bring your car to an auto shop so they can look at the suspension.

As Part of Your Motor Vehicle Inspection

Suspension repair can cost several thousands of dollars, so catching problems while they’re still relatively small could make solving them quicker and more affordable. It’s worth getting your suspension looked at when you need to bring your vehicle in for motor vehicle safety inspection. 

Do You Need a Suspension Check Near Santa Clara?

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Complete Auto Repair, Including Suspension Check, for Santa Clara Drivers

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