3 Great Reasons to Book Tire Alignment in the Richfield Area

Your car is a big investment, so you want to take good care of it. Tire alignment services go a long way in ensuring your car’s wheels are up to your expectations for reliability and longevity. Use these three tips to help you decide when to book your appointment with a local auto service shop. 

You’re Getting New Tires

For new tires to be installed well, alignment services are generally recommended. This makes sure the tires are going to wear evenly, which saves gas and extends the life of your tires. And if you’re already bringing in your vehicle for new tires, it doesn’t extend your service appointment significantly to add alignment services. 

Correct Winter Pothole Damage

Driving over potholes has a serious effect on your car’s alignment, and only professional skills and tools can correct the problem. A long winter of rough driving adds up. Getting your car checked now gives you a whole summer of comfortable driving with confidence.

Maintain Manufacturer’s Specifications

Alignment is one of those things that begins to deteriorate the moment you drive your car out of the shop, so keeping it in check according to the car maker’s specifications is the best way to ensure driveability and comfort. 

Do You Need Tire Alignment Near Richfield?

BT Pearson Tires & Service centers in St. George, Santa Clara and Richfield offer quality car care focused on automotive performance and safety. Ours is a trusted name in Utah tire service and complete auto repair, and we’ve built that reputation through hard work and integrity. We do our own wheel alignment, and we’re also your lift kit and suspension experts. As NAPA AutoCare Center with a nationwide 2-year/24,000-mile warranty program, we have only the highest standards for our service and repair work. Contact us today for expert assistance with tire alignment.

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