Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement: What to Know Before You Book Brake Service Near Richfield

Your brakes are a complex automotive system, and keeping them in great shape is essential to driving safely. If you’re worried about your brakes, learn more about brake pad and rotor replacement. These are often part of your brake service, but not everyone knows what they are.

Resurfacing Rotors

In some cases, depending on the condition of your rotors, resurfacing them could be an option. Your brake specialist can advise you on the ideal solution for your particular vehicle, as resurfacing rotors introduces other risks. The process doesn’t always make your rotors like-new, and you may end up buying new rotors soon anyway.

Brakes Pads and Rotors Wear at Different Speeds

Although many people talk about brake pads and rotors as if they are a single system, they are two distinct parts of your brake system. Even though brake pads need replacement at least every 20,000 miles, and rotors can last twice as long, replacing them both at the same time can optimize your brakes’ performance.

Brake Parts Can Vary Widely By Cost

One of the biggest costs of brake service is the parts. As with most things, you can buy top-of-the-line brake pads, rotors and other components, or you can buy more reasonably-priced items; however, there may also be a difference in performance and longevity. Your auto mechanic can help you decide which parts are best for your car and driving style.

Need Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Near Richfield?

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