Best Reasons to Keep Up with Your Car’s Tire Rotation in St. George

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You probably already know that your tires need to be rotated roughly every 5,000 miles. Many drivers add on this service when they get an oil change, tire repair or tire replacement. But it can be tempting to skip it, although there are many good reasons not to. Learn why tire rotation is so important so you can be sure to make time for it regularly.

Make Your Tires Last Longer

Your car’s tires don’t wear evenly. In general, a car’s front tires wear a little faster than the back tires, and factors like your wheel alignment influence whether the outside or inside treads wear faster. Rotating the tires spreads the wear and tear among the full tread for greater longevity.

Better Traction

Without rotation, your car’s tire treads wear unevenly, and that affects their ability to hold onto the road. This is especially important if you’ll be driving on wet, slushy or icy roads. The greater the wheel’s contact with the road, the more stability you have.

More Comfort

With regular rotation, your car will be more comfortable because the tires will perform at their peak throughout their useful life. When all four tires have reliable traction, you get better maneuverability and handling.

Do You Need Tire Rotation Service in St. George?

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Drive Safer with Regular Tire Rotation in St. George

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