Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Struts Near St. George

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The struts on your vehicle are an essential part of the suspension and allow the car to shift its weight safely when making a turn. These car parts may last up to 100,000 miles, but because the wear and tear on them takes its toll gradually, by the time you notice a problem, it requires prompt repair. Here are three signs you need an appointment with your mechanic. 

Your Car Rides Rough

All parts of your car’s suspension work together to minimize the effects of potholes or bumps in the road. When you notice that your vehicle is jostled a lot, even when driving on ordinary roads, you need to bring it to an auto repair shop.

Your Car Bottoms Out

When you go over a speed bump or speed table, you shouldn’t hear the undercarriage scrape along it. It’s a sign that your vehicle isn’t responding properly to the uneven terrain, and the suspension is likely to be the cause. 

Your Car Bounces 

A car that responds to being pushed down on by bouncing is a car that’s suspension and related parts require repair. The suspension is supposed to manage the forces that act on the car and minimize their effects, and if your vehicle bounces, that’s not happening.

Do You Need to Have Your Struts Looked At Near St. George?

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Expert Inspection and Repair of Struts for St. George Drivers

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