When Do You Need Suspension Service Near St. George?

suspension service st george

Your vehicle’s suspension goes a long way in making your car easily maneuverable and comfortable, whether you’re making a long commute or just running errands around town. While you might recognize the common signs of suspension problems like bouncing or poor cornering, there are three important times you need to get suspension service, even if everything appears fine. 

Performance Upgrades

When you get upgrades for your vehicle, like a lift kit, it changes the way your car or truck interacts with the road. To ensure you’re not putting too much stress on your shocks, struts or other supportive components, get your suspension evaluated at the time of your performance upgrade installation.

After an Accident

Even if you’ve just had what seems like a minor fender bender, a collision may be serious enough to affect the suspension on your car. That kind of sudden impact generates enough force to knock your suspension out of normal. Continuing to drive with it that way often causes more damage to your vehicle than the original incident.

When Hard Braking Is a Habit

If you’re someone who drives fast and brakes hard, you may be stressing the suspension of your vehicle more than it can handle. The sudden shift in weight causes rapid wear and tear on your vehicle, so getting the suspension checked regularly may help your mechanic spot problems before they become major repair needs. 

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