Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake and Rotor Repair Near St. George

brake and rotor repair st george

Your car needs well-maintained brakes to ensure you have the capability of stopping safely, especially during harsh weather. It protects not just you and your passengers but those in vehicles around you, too. Discover three important red flags that your car needs brake and rotor repair so you can be prepared to take action.

You Hear Noises When You Brake

When they’re in good shape, your brakes won’t make any noises that you’ll hear when you press the brake pedal. If the brakes screech or squeal, that’s a sign that the brake pads are worn and scraping along the rotors. That causes friction and hazardous heat as well as unreliability. 

You Regularly Almost Rear-End the Car in Front of You

The faster you go, the more distance you need to stop safely. At 30 mph, it’s a few dozen feet but at 60 mph, it’s a few hundred. Poor brakes put you at risk of rear-ending the car ahead of you, and if that’s happening a lot, you may need your brake system checked. 

The Brake Pedal Pulses Under Your Foot

Pressing the brake pedal should feel smooth but if it’s pulsing or rattling instead, it’s cause for concern. Your brakes are at urgent risk of failure, and bringing your car to a professional auto repair shop is essential.

Do You Need Brake and Rotor Repair Near St. George?

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Expert Brake and Rotor Repair You Can Trust Near St. George

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